Hitler and congestion pricing (of toll roads) – Singapore style

I remain a believer in the use of tolls to solve a road congestion problem.  This is better by far than “engineering” solutions like yellow bus lanes that are not observed.  And certainly, in the Philippines we cannot afford to spend tons of public money widening or layering the road systems.

Then Bryan Caplan pointed to this video, and I was overcome with mirth and compassion! Apparently such tolls can be draconian and intrusive, if not exasperating to those who believe they have a right to “run through” ordinary citizens.   Remember this the next time some apparatchik cuts through traffic while you, the ordinary one, is stuck in it in EDSA or elsewhere.  Be kind and gentle, they have hearts too.  And perhaps like Hitler, they can rave and rant against the curse of human (economic, hehe) folly!


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