Coda to 2010

Jessica Zafra talks about premature senility.

The Supreme Court sees cerebral deficit, though of course the Justices didn’t refer to blood flow. But it could just as well refer to that, because the political game is a headache.

What next?

Green doesn’t mean moolah.. Because it’s not Jaguar green.  Nor does it mean clean, as in the fake Al Gore.

But it may mean we likely won’t take it, as in Iran.  But most any color will do, so long as we know, you know, and they don’t know.  But of course they think they do.

. . . .

Meanwhile, the Philippine Comelec seems to be running breathless with the election automation “project,” while the cautionary words of many sober-minded folk are apparently set aside.  It seems only proper that just like small is beautiful, slow is good.  Sometimes you have to slow down so you can catch your breath.

Whatever happened to “Walk, don’t run“?


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