Inventing and making – Like planting rice?

Over at Rom Sedona’s, something called iTV has created an invention “buzz.”  The concept is one LCD screen with many applications.  (Doesn’t this sound like an iMac or iPhone?) peugeot_hymotion3_large_1

What about one wheel and many passengers?  Or surfing on land and not water? Or a helmet around the motorbike? (The picture on the right is Peugeot’s latest concept.)

Ideas are the first step.  Selling the idea may be next.  The hard part is making the product at a price where there is demand.  How do you convince your VC (venture capitalist) that it’s not just a pipe dream?  For example, the Segway was a great idea, but it took a while.  To have a sense of how hard it is to “get there”, try these for size, including the discontinued BMW C1:


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