In defense of Imelda and “greed”

There is a school of thought that says that “greed is good.” Now comes Mrs. Imelda Marcos, who adds to the debate.

The interesting quasi-legal question: Is it a valid defense to claim that others do the same?

Mrs. Marcos seems to rely on a kind of a Tu Quoque defense (“Hey, you also did it!”), which is often rejected as irrelevant, being ad hominem.   But I believe Tu Quoque works in certain situations where the prosecution violates equal protection and/or due process.

At least at some gut level, Tu Quoque ought to be a valid defense if just about everyone else did the same.  Otherwise, we would live in a society of hypocrites.

See the GMA interview with Mrs. Marcos.


2 thoughts on “In defense of Imelda and “greed”

  1. You jogged me into wondering whether one can be both a hypocrite and an ignoramus. Hypocrisy is a matter of bad faith, and that requires a certain consciousness. But you may be asking a different but interesting question: Whether we have hypocrites preying on innocents. There’s a “rub” there that seems dangerous to go into. Hah!, as Al Pacino would say in the movies.


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