Manny P for President!

But what exactly are the qualifications to be a President?

They are (Constitution, Art. VII, Sec. 2): [mnemonic: NaReL4010]
– Natural-born citizen
– Registered voter
– Literacy
– 40 years on day of election
– Resident for at least 10 years immediately before election

And also, Art. VII, Sec. 4 states: “… The President shall not be eligible for any reelection.”  At the very least, this adds a disqualification to become a President.  It certainly means that a sitting President cannot become President again through reelection.

(But whether he/she can run for President again after a hiatus of, say one term, is the subject of speculation and debate given that Joseph Estrada has declared an intention to run for President in 2010.  Part of the debate is whether “any reelection” encompasses “a new election.”  Another part is whether “The President” means one who is currently President or one who has been President.  I believe the provision means that a person who has become a President cannot run again, and I base this belief on the view that the six-year term limit was intended to give a President a one-time-only chance to be the Executive.  Otherwise, it could lead to an absurd result where a popular President can have a “surrogate” stand for him for one term and subsequently that President can resume the office.  Nonetheless, Estrada is a unique case of a President who did not complete his term of office.  For those who believe that he and the people who elected him were wronged by EDSA II, a favorable interpretation of Art. VII, Sec. 4 would compensate for the wrong.  This would seem to be a legal theory that two wrongs make a right, since obviously a double negative is a positive.)

As to Manny Pacquiao, he was born Dec. 17, 1978.  You do the math.


2 thoughts on “Manny P for President!

  1. the qualifications of being a leader of a nation needs to be changed. as the saying goes ” a little knowledge is dangerous thing”.


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