Walking the talk, or living in history

As an admirer of Ambeth Ocampo, I have found his writings amusing, educational, and thought-provoking.

Two of his recent pieces were particularly of the third type.  One said that

Filipinos go through life seeing things but rarely noticing them. Rizal is a fine example: He is everywhere—on the one-peso coin, Rizal monuments gaze at all public schools, municipios, and capitolios all over the archipelago—but have we read his works? Do we know him at all?

To make the point, Ocampo had the Rizal House painted green.  Green as in Environmentally Politically Correct Green.

Another talks about the link between St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits, and the Benedictines.  This one seems to make the impossible possible — peace between the Bedistas and the Arreneo boys.  There is something to history — Ignatius imbibed diligence late in life.  Benedictines learn it early.  Make of that what you will. And God be with you.


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