Econ 11 midterm requirements

Midterm exam deadline is Aug. 15 at 5 pm.  Please submit by email to:


No particular format or length requirements.  You may include pictures, even video.

Your objective is to explain to another what the “law” is, how it works, and under what real-world conditions it will apply.

Give evidence to support your contentions.  Preference should be given to Philippine data or facts.

Good luck.

Class resumes Tuesday, Aug. 18.


3 thoughts on “Econ 11 midterm requirements

  1. Update for Econ 11 students: Revised versions should be emailed by October 10, 2009. You can improve your grade by citing your sources, not just by listing them, but by judicious weaving into the body of the paper. Your mid-term grade will remain “as is” if you do not submit a revised version. Good luck.


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