The secret of the steak


This is from Lito Banayo on travelling gourmets:

Grabe! Imelda Romualdez used to be excoriated for flying to Hong Kong at a whim, because of a craving for sharks’ fin or roast goose, even birds’ nest double-boiled in black chicken broth. But now, … footloose officials fly halfway through the globe, almost 20 hours away by jet from Manila, just to pig-out on steak, and suffer the “slow” service of haute cuisine. Even Marie Antoinette would have gone pale with envy.

My Austrian chef friend (Guenther S) says part of the secret is in the aging of the meat.  If we can do that well here, there would be no occasion to traipsing.  Just go tipsy and fancy-free.  And of course, red wine to cut the lipids.

And the “officials” are more like apparatchiks.  They like to travel Manila’s clogged wonders with blinkers and sirens.  Love it, Dude.


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