Blogs, PR, and corporations

Just a link. No commment. Ellen speaks for herself.


6 thoughts on “Blogs, PR, and corporations

    1. It can’t be bribery on the part of Ellen because she’s not a public officer. For the same reason, it can’t be corrupting a public officer on the part of the offeror.

      But it makes me wonder how many bloggers and commentators are paid to do “PR”.. Ellen says she’s not “for sale,” and I respect her for that.


      1. but i guess the point i’m trying to make here, is that the letter never asked her to do anything untoward, illegal, or dishonest; i.e. generically she wasnt bribed, payed into doing something wrong.

        you can call it PR, which i’m sure is accurate, but i doubt its lying. for example, actors that sell soap dont necesarily think only do it for the money. however, even if they liked the product, they wouldnt do the ad for free either.


        1. It depends. If I blog in favor of X, giving the impression that it is my independent take on matters of public interest, and yet I was paid by X for doing so and did not disclose that fact, it is probably unethical. On the face of it, the letter of the Smartmatic official does not go in that direction. But Ms. Ellen probably thought it did, which is also why I say she speaks (well) for herself.

          If a senator plugs a beauty product, it is obvious he/she was paid for it, then at least the ad reader is aware of it. I do think that a public official has no business promoting products or joining tv contests, etc., if only because it is unseemly. I believe it is also illegal to pay a public official to do something or because of his position. That seems to be what the criminal laws say.


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