Why Manny Pacquiao is crucial to the elections

Boxing logistics, not pugilistics.

May 10 is boxing day. Will Smith fit?

Manny P can box. The Comelec can too. But it seems the heroic school teachers will have to stack. And it’s not pancakes.


UPDATE (Feb. 24, 1010).  The Comelec has just decided to make the ballot box black.  They’ve been listening to that great tune, “Paint it black,” by the Stones.

Here’s the puzzle:  How will we know if the box is getting full?  When it asks for dessert and coffee.


5 thoughts on “Why Manny Pacquiao is crucial to the elections

  1. Dr. Manalastas is in a personal crusade to discredit Comelec in any way he can. It is really getting to be that obvious and acting like one very scorned lover. Do you really think Comelec/Smartmatic will produce the ballot boxes without actually testing that it would really fit 1,000 ballots? If I were him, I’d challenge Comelec to the test to settle this once and for all?


    1. Why the ad hominem? It looks like a res ipsa loquitur moment from where I can see. Or maybe it’s just Murphy’s Law writ small. But if, and it’s an IF, you’re paid by Smartmatic, please do the honors of disclosure.

      If Dr. M and the folks he asked are right, those boxes would be laughing stock, which I couldn’t buy/sell on the PSE. Or a crying shame. Take your pick.

      Perhaps the ballot size wouldn’t have been a problem (ditto for the box) if the machine had the so-called “front end” interface, where the voter gets to double-check his choices on a screen and print out a simpler shorter ballot.


      1. Wow, I fold at your use of sophisticated words that a simple layman like me would’nt care to understand. Anyway, as to your wishlist of the front end interface, they are sold here in the US to counties at a whopping $14,000 a pop and if my math is correct this upcoming elections would only cost a mindboggling Php50-60 BILLION for a third world country like the Philippines. Not practical, I’d say! BTW, if and it’s a BIG IF, you are being paid by CENPEG, you do the honors of disclosure, hehehe!


        1. Cute but no cigar. You didn’t do any disclosure, so your silence is like a negative pregnant. I now feel free to presume you got paid. And as a rule, a paid commentator is not welcome here. Just so we have a level playing field because I don’t get paid to blog or comment. Plus, I have a comment policy.

          But on substance, what you say on computing cost might make sense. But there’s Moore’s Law that says that computing cost halves every 2.5 years or so. I can’t believe the Philippines is simply a victim of its third-world poverty. The automated polls for May are not exactly cheap. It costs almost $2,000 per PCOS machine, and that’s a one-shot LEASE for what looks like a glorified desk-top you can BUY for $400 retail. So, what gives?


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