How to end a conversation with the wind

Just do it.

When in doubt, don't.

But here’s a sober discussion of how PR works.

Hat tip to Ike Pigott for the Venn diagram.

But where does the amateur non-transparent blitz-commenter fit in?  He is nowhere, since he claims not to be an advocate, and of course he’s not a pro.  He may be a troll. But that is the way of the blog.

As Geoff Livingston put it, it is perhaps not easy to be a zen master of blogging ethics.  Responsible amateur bloggers are by definition transparent, but when they advocate, they are “customer evangelists.”  But what if you’re basically agnostic but you do have some views?  One can argue that agnosticism is also religion.  So in the end, debate can never be “neutral.” It’s either coming or going.

Venn works

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