Dated but good – The Nose post

There is a Lost and Found section in the blogosphere.

But here’s an update of Diego Jose’s story: The mystery of Dr. Vicky Belo’s peripatetic nose has been solved.  Woody A and Diane K have the nose, tucked away in a safe deposit box in Rarotonga.  It is kept there under tight security because of insurance requirements.

The Belo nose is reportedly insured for $10 million, under a contract that nonetheless pales in comparison with that for Manny Pacquiao’s voice box (insured for $50 million according to videoke insiders but unconfirmed by Pacman’s official sangsperson, Gabnell Pines).  Manny P’s sunglasses, worth $10,000, are however uninsured but all over the TV footage following his recent win.

Everything is in the future nose. - Woody A


I enjoyed the movie Sleeper, with its great theme song.  Woody actually says, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a nose for a nose.”

Hat tip to Diego Jose.


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