Quitting to read more

Reading is not just about phonics and word recognition.  For many, it’s a way of life.  For some, students and teachers for example, it’s a duty of sorts.

But if you want to be “cool,” you can take tips from Gretchen Rubin.

The tip I like the most is that you should quit while you’re ahead.  Sounds like investing in a “trendy” stock market!

Like Rubin, I “maintain a big stack.”  It’s an O-C thing.

Some people like to read not a book but a movie.  How do you do that?  Take a look.


2 thoughts on “Quitting to read more

  1. never quit reading even if you are ahead. taking all the pressure of knowing everything is insane, right? I know. But when you consider reading as your life then it justifies everything. That’s an OC thing, I guess.


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