Letters to/from the Philippine President

By Igan D’Bayan at Philippine Star

Recently, Pres. Aquino replied to an open letter criticizing his administration.  There is not much new, whether in the open letter or in the reply.   The open letter was perhaps a way to drum up the reputation of the letter writer, who admits to being a PR practitioner (whatever that is).  What is surprising is that the President responded, and even posted the response in the Official Gazette!

Here’s a two-peso take on the back and forth.

Pres. Aquino takes exception to one interesting thing in the open letter.  It’s this passage:

Your Communications Team was impressive when you were still running for the position. They were excellent in writing fiction; communicating the truth is a different discipline altogether. And they might not be the right men for the task, considering that they don’t even communicate among themselves.

Here is the President’s response:

Your comments against my Cabinet seem to prejudge them without taking a hard look at the reality. For example, I do not believe that my Communications team writes fiction. When have they ever lied or not sought to tell the truth?

Now I scratch my head, sit under a coconut tree, and make sure no nuts are likely to rain down.  Let us then abide our President and take a hard look at reality, drinking tuba along the way. Listen to Jim Croce too.

It is all about PR practitioners, isn’t it? This is one piece of evidence that Pres. Aquino or his people still haven’t gotten IT.  IT means Serious Business.

Pres. Aquino could have responded to the letter by a giant in Philippine letters, F. Sionil Jose.  Why was that letter ignored?  Perhaps it was because Jose’s letter does not focus enough on those who are now “under-performing”?  Caveat lector.


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