Judicial plagiarism lite – or how to blame Bill Gates over a San Mig Light

What do we call this pesky MS Word mascot?

This is probably a spoof, but it will warm your Clint Eastwood instincts.  Please hand out the peanuts.

Hat tip to Rex Regis, courtesy of a FB post.

But less lightly, how would the MS folks design this thing?  Give an option that says:  “Would you like me to suggest where to put the proper footnote”?  But how would the computer know from where you did the cut-and-paste?  (It would know the file where it came from, or the URL; but then that will need to be reformatted; so the MS folks will have to build in a citation manual into MS Word, or call up an app running on a citation manual.)  Maybe it is doable.  There are enough geeks out there willing and happy to help.  Some Justices are well well ahead of our times.


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