Beach House 3.0

Here’s another floor plan for a beach house in the tropics.  In a previous post, I thought some of the ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright could be applied.

Small works still.

It features:

The use of inner and outer patios or breezeways as hallways, a living area, and a kitchen.

Separate main structures, one of which is a private guest bedroom.  The other is a one bedroom “house.”

The roof can be designed to let in rain in the middle patio.

Passageways are handicapped friendly.

A “secret” passage from the main BR to the living/dining area.

A patio one half-level below because of the grade.

The breezeway is oriented east-to-west, and the views of the sea to the west and south.

A “bare-foot” mindset since doorways have “shoe landings.”


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