Reviling Revillame

Why some people dislike Willie R with a passion is an “interesting” phenomenon.  The problem seems to be that these folks don’t quite know how to put their distaste into action.  Below I list ten useless things to do if you don’t like Willie R.

No. 10:  Rave and rant on Facebook.  It may feel good getting it off your chest, but Willie R will keep on making money if the ads continue to line up.

No. 9:  Psychologize and sociologize that Willie R simply reflects the “class divide” in the Philippines.  So what? That divide won’t go away overnight, and again, Willie R will continue to make big bucks.

No. 8:  Sue.  There must be a tort somewhere here.  But then, Willie R has an arm chest of money to pay high-priced lawyers.  If you had more, maybe this could work.  But I wouldn’t bet on it.

No. 7:  Get the DSWD interested.  After all there are laws to protect women and children.  But what happens if DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman writes a letter and nothing happens?

No. 6:  Boycott the TV network hosting Willie R, as well as those products advertised on his program.  On paper this sounds like a good idea, but in practice it is difficult to execute.

No. 5:  Get the religious “leaders” into the matter.  But what if these guys like Willie R?

No. 4:  Throw a tomato at your fancy HD TV screen when Willie shows up.  I’d pity the tomato.

No. 3:  Watch YouTube uploads that claim to show Willie R at his worst.  The comments there will tell you that Willie R has many defenders out there.  Willie is, after all, a great guy.

No. 2:  Show a light on his lifestyle.  He has nice cars and houses, etc.  But it would show you to be just another envious guy or gal.  Somehow, schadenfreude doesn’t work in reverse.  (By the way, this is perhaps why that program on the lifestyle of the rich seems to be just another series of paid ads.)

No. 1:  Finally, the most useless thing to do is to do nothing.  It’s the easiest anyway.  Besides, Willie R is protected by the constitutional right to free speech.  And his spokespersons will use the De Gustibus Non Disputandum Est argument.  They’re that smart, I believe.


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