Global warming is “free” energy

To alarmists, global warming will sink the planet.

To some others, global warming is hot air to be harnessed to good use. And not to give Al Gore lecture fees.

I found this, by gravityman, at a blog thread:

You have nailed global warming. It is just heat in the air that can be converted to power. I have converted heat in the air to power with several devices — a thermoelectric vaporizer that uses the vaporization of a cryogen as the heat sink that produced enough power for a home with only a small amount of liquid nitrogen being used. Cryogens are vaporized every day for many purposes.

My gravityplane flies using the heat energy from the air at lower altitude — see the website. We will definitely be able to power everything using the heat in the air within the future in conjunction with thermodynamics and gravity working together to generate additional power output being the topic of a recent paper I presented at GRC 2010 Conference available at


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