Saguisag speaks

On the matter of law as taught at San Beda, former Sen. Rene Saguisag sent an e-mail.

Email from Former Senator Rene Saguisag:


The law we learned and teach in San Beda is not the worst. We work
and pray. We placed Nos. 1 and 2 last year in the 2009 bar exams, if
that would count for anything. Every year we are No. 1 or 2,
class-wise, again, if that would count.

It is sad that Ms. Horn should take a cheap shot at San Beda, a
small school but there those of us who are proud of and love it. We
are expected not to take the low road of invective and insult.

The SolGen is from UP. Does he side with GMA?

The unelected Supreme Court is static and just waits for someone
to invoke its authority. The Prez is dynamic, elected by the people
and he receives information from all over. If Business Insight reports
that the Dominican Republic Ambassador (not to the Philippines) saw
GMA last month about an asylum request, it should be checked and

That was why the unelected SC should have conducted a hearing
and listened to both sides, not only to GMA’s. Balance and fairness
are desiderata.

The Prez takes into account not only the law but also policy
considerations and justifications and should verify leads. Jake
Macasaet and Pocholo Romualdez of Business Insight reported that the
paper has credible information on GMA seeking asylum in the Dominican
Republic, through its Ambassador (not to Manila)which could very well
have been discussed in a full-blown hearing in the Supreme Court; it
should notify parties in the regular mode, not through TV. Chaos may

Ad hominem is always sad. San Beda’s Florenz Regalado holds the
bar record of 96.7% followed by Bobby de la Fuente with 95.95%. Flor
served in the SC and had the reputation of being totally
unapproachable. They taught us to stick to the high road. Lo cortes no
quita lo valiente.

The presidency is in the commanding heights but the SC, without
hearings, could only be a bivouac.

If government could not deal with the TRO, it was because the SC
provided only GMA with same. This is not law as taught in San Beda.

I speak up in support of Leila, my fellow Bedan topnotcher. We are
trained to take positions, firmly, as a matter of conviction, ready to
face the consequences believing that in all things God be glorified.
If there was no People Power last night in support of GMA, it may be
because she has cried wolf all too often.

GMA had the basic human and constitutional right to due process but
so has the State.


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