Poverty and corruption

The national conversation seems to focus on poverty and corruption as the twin evils. The conventional “educated” response is more laws – FOI, RH, CARPER, EPIRA, etc. But laws work only if obeyed and enforced, which requires that we not have poverty and corruption to begin with. So the answer must not be in legislation.

If the idea is that a modern economy doesn’t have poverty, then our poverty must be the result of a plutocracy. The rich have enough power in the system to ensure that the poor remain as is. And if the rich maintain that power through corruption, we also have a kleptocracy.

The trick then is to undo the plutocracy and kleptocracy. It’s not easy. We can’t just lop off the heads of the Marie Antoinettes. And we can’t just presume that all wealth is ill-gotten: there must be some who got rich through talent and/or honest effort, or even plantain banana luck.

Something to think about.


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