Show dogs

This is literally a pet peeve.

Don’t get me wrong – I like dogs. But I just realized that the tv industry knows something about us humans: We’re fascinated by dogs, especially if you’re a dog person. If you’re not, still, dogs scare you, and tv being tv, that ‘scare’ is not for real and more like a horror thrill. The point is simple: tv cannot show dogs all the time – that would be boring. What’s the better or best thing? Show people who act like dogs! Tv thus shows us folks who attack when they think you’re scared. Tv also shows us those who show extreme loyalty, dogs being the proverbial man’s best friend.

The impeachment teleserye is a case in point. Just about everyone in it is a dog – metaphorically anyway. No? And because of this ‘doggy’ phenomenon, we sit mesmerized, even when the matter is already terminally boring. Another case in point is a sports show peopled by three puppy wanna-bees.

What can I say? Everyday of the teleserye, you can have your choice – the lovable of the day, as well as the ‘real’ dog of the day. Some days, the same (and often inane) personalities get to hog the dog show. Whatever happened to Miss Piggy and Kermit?


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