Rene Saguisag vs. a Combine

In a letter to the editor of a broadsheet, Rene Saguisag asks a question about defining ‘one-man rule.’

It appears that Rene is a one-man law firm against an unnamed combine.

One wag said we ought to give the combine a name.  He suggested that it must be the firm of Hem, Haw, Posture, and Sneer.  When I asked if such existed, he said surely there is one in the good ol’ US of A called Hem, Haw, and Posture, if only because the dramatic arts are critical to success in jury trials.  He thought there was a one-man law firm somewhere else called Sneer.  Hence, the combine.

I thought about all this for a while.  An impeachment does look like a jury trial.  Wags sometimes win. But then, does sneering win cases? Perhaps apoplexy is an alternative?

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