Star wars log – WIKI

WIKI stands for ‘what I know is.’

It is at one level very private and personal, but when given out it is meant to be honest. A self-serving statement crafted by a PR firm is not a wiki. Neither are the little white lies of daily life. Honesty means keeping ‘is’ as is, and not letting a wiki segue into ‘what I wish’ or ‘what I want others to think.’

It can cover secrets, and even mutual secrets, as when people trade wikis. But this may well mean that many wikis are best kept to oneself.

A witness on the stand gives out his wiki, especially when he makes admissions. A lawyer does not deal with wikis, except when he cites law and jurisprudence, but his wiki here is selective because he chooses wikis that help his client. A judge is then required to sort out the ‘biased’ wikis of opposing counsels.

Your wiki matters a lot more than what other people think. In that sense, you are your wiki.


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