Star wars log – seldom wrong, always right, but a doozy

Or maybe a bit of Looney Tunes.

Does Teddy Boy (TB) make sense? Here’s my two pesos’ worth:

However you look at it, TB argues Tu Quoque. In effect, if you get caught, it should be OK to get acquitted because allegedly everyone else does it. As a rule, Tu Quoque cannot fly because it is a recipe for taking the law into one’s unclean hands.

But TB claims to argue Equal Protection, supposedly because laws should apply equally to all. In fact, the Senate followed Equal Protection because it meted out dismissal on that clear precedent of a court clerk who failed to declare a sari-sari store. Ms. Flores, dismissed for her SALN misfeasance, has become a celebrity poster girl for justice for the little guy.

What TB really wants is an even broader net to be cast, which is fair. But neither mandamus nor injunction can control how the Executive enforces the laws (because the matter is a political question). That’s life, TB, even if it seems unfair. As Sen. Marcos has said on tv, ‘ang pikon, talo.’

TB’s remedy, if any, is to claim ‘grave abuse’; not so easy after the Senate President put a proper ziplock (Ted Te’s word) on the process and due deliberation by the Senate. The sole question on certiorari is limited to whether the Senate was ‘whimsical.’

The SC cannot find reversible error because the Constitution does not carve in an appellate jurisdiction for the SC in an impeachment case. (Theoretically, Congress can add or expand the SC jurisdiction, but can do so only through legislation; not through a ‘mistake’ by the Senate.)

But as always. Let’s take our grain of substitute salt. TB is seldom wrong, always right. Right.


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