Why, why, why

Why did Manny P lose?

A wag gave three reasons the night before today’s champagne split.

One, he has tax problems and perhaps will make more from a rematch.

Two, his camp wasn’t really so sure about the hype about clean living and bible reading.

Three: God’s will.

UPDATE:  Wag no. 2 wanted ten reasons, so he gave seven more after the fight was over:

Two of the judges have cataracts. And Ronnie Nathanielsz thinks it’s a high crime to have cataracts.

Manny and Jinky didn’t have a fight the night before; they had too much Moet et Chandon.

Vegas didn’t recruit judges from the International Criminal Court, and MDS is still in PH.

More than a few politician ‘friends’ of Manny actually bet on Bradley.

Manny left the LP, which weakened his left hook.

Mommy D prayed too hard, even as Manny lost his rosary.

Manny read the latest divorce bill filed by Gabriela.

The Justin Bieber haircut is bad luck. Bald and bold is in.

FROM ELSEWHERE, the NY Times weighs in with ‘distractions.’


5 thoughts on “Why, why, why

  1. The serious part says it’s about time Manny’s feet are back to the ground. Enough with the crazy I-talked-to-God-and-He-talked-back drama and return to technical boxing which earned him millions of fans from all over.


  2. I’ll go for the third reason, Its God’s will. To send message that “victory” is not of this world but of the life hereafter.

    jojie-diehard Pnoy


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