Economics as science, and is science “art”?

Is economics a science?  How does it differ from religion? In a lecture, I tried to answer these questions.

A more general question is: Is science art?

I answer in the affirmative because science requires not just theorizing and empirical testing but also choosing from alternative theories.  The choice, usually based on Occam’s Razor, is art.  This is not new.  Supposedly, it harks back to Nietzsche and was well elucidated by Popper with the concept of “falsifiability” as being inherent in science.  What this means is that you can’t falsify without having a priori a choice of which theories to attempt to falsify.  That a priori choice is, obviously, neither predetermined nor itself “falsifiable,” if only because the universe of possible theories is an unlimited set (and such a set would by definition not be fully knowable).


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