Bar exam hint circa 2011

Next year, the Philippine bar exam will feature multiple choice questions.  This doesn’t mean that the questions are easier.  They’re just different.  They can be much more difficult than the usual short essay question.  But the task of making up questions is harder. One way that the Bar Examiner can make hard questions is to … Continue reading Bar exam hint circa 2011

Malice in libel – bar exam Q and A

It has been held that malice is the essence of the the crime of libel.  Important pointers follow. Define malice in a libel action. Malice connotes ill will or spite and speaks not in response to duty but merely to injure the reputation of the person defamed, and implies an intention to do ulterior and … Continue reading Malice in libel – bar exam Q and A

Preparing for the 2011 bar exams

The format of the bar exams comes with many changes for 2011.  The changes are summarized by the Supreme Court on its website. Two parts – MCQ and essay The most important change is the use of multiple-choice questions (MCQ), a format already in use for doctors, nurses, engineers, etc. According to the Court, there … Continue reading Preparing for the 2011 bar exams

Contracts –Waiver of liability for fraud (bar review note) – repost

[originally posted in July, 2009] Here comes a “movement” that proclaims itself to be “apolitical, inclusive … based on the principle of volunteerism.”  It calls itself AKO MISMO, and it vows the greatest of intentions (to promote “positive change”), but it is run by an advertising agency, DDB Philippines.  A number of celebrities have lent … Continue reading Contracts –Waiver of liability for fraud (bar review note) – repost