Rappler and oblivion

I’ve tried to make sense of its business plan. Now and then they produce good work. The problem is in the in-between.

Click-bait for ads won’t work. Advertisers can monitor effectiveness.

Leading thoughts and brilliant conversation won’t either. They just leave you dangling, if you ask Simon and G.

Wannabe journalism cum political correctness is too a dead end. That would be too much on feelership. And also trying hard to mimic Huffington.

Can Rappler be a kinda FB for the in crowd? Not if it has to hang on FB to skate. The in-crowds can exist within FB as it is.

Could it be a pay-for-play version of Linked-In? For the PH market? Who will pay? Too thin.

Maybe some b-school type a la McKinsey is giving its investors advice. Only they’re not talking. If you had an undiscovered gold mine, would you?

I don’t know and know that I don’t. Maybe if they know, then they’d know. And I wouldn’t have to ask.

If only it could go to IPO, at least the early birds could do a ponzi dance. Good luck.

The shrinks might say cycling between bargaining and acceptance can take forever. But sooner not later the potato chips run out.

It is a puzzle.

The value of Facebook

Early on, I saved a small bundle on hard copy subscriptions. Realizing that mainstream media was into ACDC was a bonus.

Of course, there remain honest folk in mainstream media. The trick is to know.

Someone smart said we need mainstream media to sort out the trash. True enough. Mainstream has to maintain at least the credibility and gravitas of a piece on its face. The troll and clickbait sites are uncovered soon enough, unless you’re too willing to be trolled.

So, what to do?

Find good friends and enemies. Find good people to follow.

What makes for “good?” It’s when they point you to something credible, or hint that something is unduly biased. Those with opposing views are best because you have to work against your own grain.

In the end, free expression is just a clause that works when people think.

Show dogs

This is literally a pet peeve.

Don’t get me wrong – I like dogs. But I just realized that the tv industry knows something about us humans: We’re fascinated by dogs, especially if you’re a dog person. If you’re not, still, dogs scare you, and tv being tv, that ‘scare’ is not for real and more like a horror thrill. The point is simple: tv cannot show dogs all the time – that would be boring. What’s the better or best thing? Show people who act like dogs! Tv thus shows us folks who attack when they think you’re scared. Tv also shows us those who show extreme loyalty, dogs being the proverbial man’s best friend.

The impeachment teleserye is a case in point. Just about everyone in it is a dog – metaphorically anyway. No? And because of this ‘doggy’ phenomenon, we sit mesmerized, even when the matter is already terminally boring. Another case in point is a sports show peopled by three puppy wanna-bees.

What can I say? Everyday of the teleserye, you can have your choice – the lovable of the day, as well as the ‘real’ dog of the day. Some days, the same (and often inane) personalities get to hog the dog show. Whatever happened to Miss Piggy and Kermit?

Why we should believe in Climate Change

Climate change as religion

Religion is about God, and also about heaven or hell.  The definition could be stretched to one where religion’s concerns apply to “long after we’re gone” and when we’re not quite sure what will happen then.  Here’s where Al Gore and his merry band of alarmists come in with their Inconvenient Truth that the world is warming.  With the supposed dire consequences in the very long run, we’d better do something about it.  That something is reducing carbon emissions that produce the greenhouse effect, as any grade school science teacher will tell your kid.  The science is that the greenhouse prevents the heat from the sun from escaping earth.  And while what follows does not dispute this scientific finding, I see the debate as a matter of religion broadly defined.  Those who would like to reduce carbon emissions believe in Climate Change as a religion, and those on the other side believe that the effects of global warming, if it exists, are not quite for certain.

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Laptop luxury and strained logic

Luxury on the keyboards

A dispute between Sec. Carandang and Rep. Magsaysay leaves one undisputed fact.  The folks in the Palace like Mac for their laptops.  I don’t know about the hapless citizen who can barely afford to go to an internet café to do research, but surely public monies are better spent on generic laptops at half the price.  Unfortunately, the matter is a “political question,” so it seems we have to wait for redress.  It’s a tough world out there, but at least they have Macs.

PS:  On public funds aspects, ABS-CBN reports.

Strained and strange logic

A broadsheet columnist, Mr. Doronila, doesn’t like the investigation of poll fraud in 2004 and 2007.  He believes it is the investigation that damages the integrity of elections.  Huh?  If you suspect a wrong, do you damage the integrity of the right by investigating?

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