Star wars log – the return of the PCOS

The age-old problem

Since the 2010 elections, there has been the danger of a re-cranking of the machinery to fix elections, something all can admit as an open secret in the decades before automation. Then it was called dagdag bawas, and every insider knew how it worked. We now have draconian laws criminalizing electoral sabotage, but the crime is a conspiracy that is hard to prove unless an insider sings. We need to invent a videoke machine for them, along with a truth serum to spike their beer. I hear there’s a new brew called San Migz Light; it will at the right moment make you admit there is cheating, and at another moment allow you to proclaim you had no part in it. Even better, imbibing it will allow you to run for election all over again, just like nothing happened! Of course, if you believe the Rules on Evidence, the first is an admission, the second a neat self-serving statement.

The ‘nightmare’

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Trailer trailer – Norwegian wood (in Japanese)

Take a look, and listen to the Beatles in the sound track. The movie, based on the novel by Haruki Marukami, has been reviewed by Colleen Barry.

You wish they had English subtitles.  Presumably, the DVD version will.

Hat tip to tainaktis.