Doubting Cheeses – take your PCOS with lots of salt

St. Thomas will forgive me for the title of this post.

But if a senator of the realm has no doubts about PCOS, then many of us ought to have doubts about his fitness to remain a senator.  In the meantime, we should sing to high heavens the praises of the machine. Butch del Castillo will lead the choir.

Star wars log – the return of the PCOS

The age-old problem

Since the 2010 elections, there has been the danger of a re-cranking of the machinery to fix elections, something all can admit as an open secret in the decades before automation. Then it was called dagdag bawas, and every insider knew how it worked. We now have draconian laws criminalizing electoral sabotage, but the crime is a conspiracy that is hard to prove unless an insider sings. We need to invent a videoke machine for them, along with a truth serum to spike their beer. I hear there’s a new brew called San Migz Light; it will at the right moment make you admit there is cheating, and at another moment allow you to proclaim you had no part in it. Even better, imbibing it will allow you to run for election all over again, just like nothing happened! Of course, if you believe the Rules on Evidence, the first is an admission, the second a neat self-serving statement.

The ‘nightmare’

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A transparent audit of the automated poll count

The poll counting machine for the 2010 elections is essentially a personal computer with a scanner and a wireless modem.  The scanner will read the ballots, and the modem will transmit the precinct count to a centralized website.

Knowing the above characteristics of the counting machines, we can devise a means that would perhaps convince practically all interested parties that the poll results are accurate.  The following may be one such means.

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Preparing for the usual question: Where is the evidence?

Iran’s recent election featured the use of computers to count the votes. And count they did, including the tampered ballots.

The P11 billion question for Filipinos is:  Can it happen here?  Take at look at the evidence from Iran here and here.

But don’t forget to smile or laugh here.

Cheap insurance so we don’t see the mice fiddle as election PCs burn

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How to win an automated election, by Frank and Ernest

Of course, it pays to be an alien, who can zap through the black boxes and the security of computers..  In the august halls of the COMELEC, to ensure a clean election, there are real people and ghosts shuffling around, calling out softly, “Aliens anyone?”  (Sorry, that was a psuedo David L moment..)