Philippine economy

Reverent and irreverent sites on the Philippine economy are on the links here under Philippine economy blogs.  I have found very little in the mainstream media that regularly looks at the Philippine economy, other than Cielito Habito.  But I will update the list as I go along.

One post deals with why the Philippines is a poor country.  This is a hardy perennial.  A related post is how our labor laws keep us poor.

Other posts deal with corruption in the Philippines and with poll automation, including on how to insure against automated cheating or to conduct a transparent audit of an automated poll.

The Philippines was once said to have a soft-drink and beer economy (that was  in the 1950s).  Today it may have become a copper and wireless economy.  Tomorrow it may be an ecotourist trap and retirement haven!

My lecture on what economics is is here.  Another lecture on pedicab traffic in the city of Dumaguete is here.

Three posts deal with rural banks, pre-need firms, and the possibility that these can be run as a Ponzi scheme.  Another deals with the basic question behind the Legacy group controversy.

I also give a primer and comment on the effects of the global financial crisis (how to firewall the economy, and some stimulus arithmetic and the Keynesian multiplier).  I’ve tried to analyze the effect on OFW remittances.  In the end, the best stimulus is simple: cut taxes.

You can find here a Biblical solution to the land reform problem in the Philippines.


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