Philippine jurisprudence

Legalese can be daunting, as when an accused can be “convicted” three times without being subjected to double jeopardy. See a discussion on presumption of innocence.

What happens when a parent corporation goes under? Is the subsidiary safe? We apply law and economics to AIG and PhilAmLife.

Sen. Pimentel risks violating the Constitution three ways with his Right to Reply bill. The bill as crafted abridges freedom of speech, violates due process, and is a taking without just compensation.

Questions on libel are interesting.   See, for example, the case of a columnist who recants and apologizes to a potential complainant.

I also try to answer the question of how a plaintiff pre-need plan holder can pierce the corporate veil when a pre-need firm becomes insolvent.

I believe that the PDIC should exercise caution in paying on deposit insurance claims from failed rural banks.

The implementation by the Comelec of a poll automation law gives rise to certain legal questions on business torts and the Corporation Code. It also brings up the concept of condition precedent and the role of implementing rules and regulations.  Also, the principle of nondelegation in constitutional law.

I  post also on bar exam Q and A and tips on how to be examined for the Philippine bar.


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